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In addition, you can create your own status and error messages to display here. As an example, let’s execute something that will cause an error. Enter and run the following line of code in the Console Window:. This line of code instructs Acrobat to open a file xx. Acrobat responds by generating an error, which is displayed by the Console Window, shown in Figure 8.

This message is critical to understanding why the code failed, especially if the function call is buried in several lines of code inside another script. Always check the Console Window first when something goes wrong. Note that the second message on the line indicates a security error.

For our purposes, this is an erroneous and unhelpful message. There was no real security error, and while it may then seem that Adobe is deliberately trying to either terrify or confuse us, there is a reason the message is being displayed. In fact, the message is not related to the JavaScript engine at all. It is the result of the Acrobat security model, which was made much more robust in versions 9, X, and XI by adding a security layer.

This layer blocks operations that don’t fit with Acrobat’s sense of rightness. JavaScript operations or errors that relate to external resources on the web or local file system tend to spook this security layer, which then throws out miscellaneous security errors. If you work with Acrobat JavaScript for any length of time, you’ll find all sorts of operations that have nothing to do with security, but nonetheless generate security errors.

We can also create our own messages for display in the Console Window. This object provides a few functions for manipulating and accessing the Console Window, but for our purposes here the console. This function displays a single line of text on the next available line in the Console Window. The following line of code displays the words “Hello Acrobat. The console. Just place a few console. It is up to the developer to decide what information to display. This information should be relevant to the state of the script.

For example, the following line helps us understand how JavaScript events work in Acrobat. The code can be placed in any script location in a PDF file. It is a good practice to use this code or something like it whenever you start a new document scripting project to get a feel for how the different scripts will interact. Watch the Console Window to monitor the sequence of scripts that are executed as you open and close the document, navigate between pages, move the mouse around the document or perform other actions.

If you are developing scripts that will be used in Adobe Reader, then it is a good idea to be able to test and debug them in Reader. Adobe added Console Window support to Reader in version 7. However, setting up Reader to actually display the Console Window was very difficult.

It required installing special scripts and manually changing Acrobat settings in either the Windows Registry or the Macintosh settings files. It has become much easier in Reader XI. There is only one thing you need to be able to do to use the Console Window, and that is to display it. Displaying the Console Window in Reader is a bit more difficult than one might think it should.

Reader does not have the keyboard shortcut, a menu item, or a tool button for displaying the Debugger Window. This leaves only two options: create your own tool button or menu item or cause a deliberate error. JavaScript enables automated forms handling, Web and database communication, commenting, and user-interface capabilities.

For more information, see Developing Acrobat applications using JavaScript. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Add debug JavaScript Search. Interapplication Communication. JavaScript Developer Guide. A detailed description of an extension to the PostScript language which allows the description of PDF features not found in standard PostScript.

Accessibility API Reference. Acrobat API Reference. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Jennifer Harder. Authors : Jennifer Harder.

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Adobe acrobat standard dc javascript free. The Acrobat JavaScript Console (Your best friend for developing Acrobat JavaScript)

Welcome to the release of the Acrobat SDK. Using JavaScript to develop and enhance standard workflows in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader. In this tutorial, learn how to code Acrobat JavaScript, including testing and debugging code with the Acrobat JavaScript Console window.


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