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If your business has a lot of walk-in traffic and increasing sales numbers, your insurance premium can increase, too. A good example of this would include a new restaurant which gains popularity over time. Property Damage – damage caused by you or an employee to someone else’s property. We baked that dream into everything we’ve set out to accomplish in building our award winning platform. Complete your purchase and make payments online or over the phone.

But before you light up that open sign, you need to make sure you’re covered for potentially expensive mishaps. In most parts of the country, Property Insurance includes and coverage for the peril of Windstorm and Hail . Bars and nightclubs are expensive to insure, but karate studios and funeral homes can also be expensive. Commercial insurance companies have deep statistics and years of research from which to base their premiums. Legal Defense and Judgments – costs to defend against real and frivolous suits and judgments up to the limit of your coverage. Note this generally does not include punitive damages for negligence or willful misconduct.

Personal Injury – libel, slander, copyright infringement, invasion of property or privacy, wrongful eviction, false arrest, and similar acts that cause damage to a person’s reputation or rights. Of the 2.5 million small businesses in Florida, more than 550,000 are employers. Florida has the fourth largest economy of America’s 50 states. Thanks to 15 seaports, highways, and rail lines, Florida is home to a thriving and crucial transportation sector that supplies food, merchandise, and medication to millions of Americans every day. That transportation and import industry is one reason why the Small Business Administration calls Florida the most sustainable state wherein to launch a new business by clicking this website

Every employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in Florida. Even if you only have one employee, you’re still required to carry workers’ comp. Also, contractors must have workers’ compensation insurance in Florida for any work they do, even if their headquarters is in another state. You can receive substantial fines and criminal penalties if you’re caught doing business without workers’ comp in Florida.

Florida general liability coverage pays for property damage and personal injuries involving customers, visitors and sub-contractors. Business owners in Florida have a choice regarding insurance deductibles and policy limits within their coverage. General Liability has already helped hundreds of business owners in Florida find the most affordable quotes for their business liability insurance coverages. We’re a national commercial insurance agency appointed to represent more than 35 insurance carriers throughout the U.S. We return business insurance quotes quickly with more efficient technology, highly trained insurance Specialists and dedicated underwriters servicing our agency. General liability insurance (also known as CGL—for commercial general liability) is one of the most essential and effective ways to safeguard your business.

At Thimble, the cost of your small business insurance depends on a variety of factors. The amount of risk involved in your business, the industry you’re in, and the amount of business you do all play a part in determining your policy premium. Fuller Insurance is a leading Florida business and commercial insurance agency for the communities of Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach, and Freeport Florida. We provide General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance, Business Auto Insurance, and Workers Comp Insurance to a variety of businesses. Without General Liability Insurance, you could be expected to pay for these type of claims with your own business and personal assets. Most small businesses in America cannot survive large liability claims against them like the examples above.

It protects your business from the financial consequences resulting from liability related to third-party non-employee bodily injury or third party property damage that arises from your business operations. It also provides coverage for personal and advertising injury. Without general liability insurance coverage, you could be in financial trouble in the event of an unfortunate accident involving a customer or other third party. By law in most states, you must have workers’ comp insurance if you have employees.

Many contracts require a general liability policy and/or a professional liability policy. Even if your customers, clients, or partners don’t require you to carry specific policies, it’s recommended that you carry policies to cover any part of your business that could be at risk. Commercial auto insurance covers injuries that you or your employees may cause to other people and their property while driving.

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