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Importance of Data Recovery in Information Security

Data recovery is often regarded as an essential component of any business and is given great significance and due importance. But, many companies fail to understand the magnitude of this aspect and do not allot enough resources towards it. But in reality, data recovery is not so easy and should only be done by those who are well versed with it and have extensive knowledge on its working. In addition to that, you should also know the different challenges that your company might face during data retrieval so that you can effectively deal with them. You can learn more information about Data Analyzers Data Recovery Process

In a nutshell, two different types of cloud data recovery are there. One is known as granular level and other is known as text only. Both of these recovery methods are extremely important. However, the granular method is better suited for a lesser amount of data loss and the text only method is suitable if you face massive loss of data. Here, you will find some advantages and disadvantages associated with both these methods.

In granular level data recovery, every piece of data is backed up to a certain degree. This means that a minor mistake can lead to huge damage and loss of important information. The granular backup method stores data on low volume index directories so that minor problems do not cascade and affect the entire system. In case of a small error in inputting data, it can easily be rectified and restored. If the company has taken the help of a third party service provider, then you can get help from experts who will be able to restore your entire data.

However, the biggest drawback associated with the granular backup method of data recovery is that it requires external assistance. In case of a disaster, say loss of entire IT infrastructure, a cloud backup solution is considered to be the best and the most convenient method. Cloud backup solutions store information on remote servers maintained by the service provider. Thus, in the unfortunate event of a disaster, you do not need to wait for the backup to be done at your work station or at your home. Instead, you can recover the required data quickly from remote locations.

However, before you opt for a cloud data recovery service, make sure that it can meet your recovery time objective. The recovery time objective is a critical factor for selecting a data recovery solution. It describes the time it would take to restore an entire system if your system crashes. Therefore, make sure that the cloud data recovery solution you choose matches your recovery time objective. In addition to cloud solutions, you can also use offline recovery plans.

When your computer system encounters a severe fault, one of the options available is to pull back the system to a previous functional state. If the entire system is not restored, you will lose your important files and data. You can opt for a granular level backup plan for such circumstances, which stores data across different levels of the servers. A granular level backup plan stores only those data files that are relevant to a specific activity – say, the emails that are used for a particular department or the files that are used for a particular project.

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