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Indonesian Game Websites January 2018 International Mobile Gaming Awards

We provide professional game translations into 40+ languages and create game art of all levels of complexity. Also, we offer localization testing, voice-over, and culturalization adaption of in-game content. We’re incredibly proud of our clients, including both world-renowned AAA developers and indie companies that have successfully entered the international market. The video game industry in Indonesia is comparable to the Middle East, where the occupation of game developers is still seen as unappealing and heavily stigmatized, resulting in the underdevelopment of the industry. Data indicates that the local game industry only controls less than 1% of the Indonesian market, with foreign games holding most of the remaining market share.

It makes the game reach about one hundred million active players in 2017 specifically in the Indonesian server. Released in 2015, the Arena of Valour has been downloaded rapidly by the online gamers. Mobile legends in Indonesia becomes famous in every online gamer with almost any age.

Dates are formatted as DD-MM-YY, and time is communicated in 24-hour format. Meanwhile, most gamers prefer to keep the original names for game characters and skills, especially in playbook88 where they compete with players worldwide. Indonesia has a unique culture, and the majority of the population is Sunni Muslims. This means they can be quite different from the audience in your home market. Be sure to avoid sensitive topics (e.g., religious or sexual subject matters) and use a local translation team to ensure that you don’t inadvertently include content that could be offensive to the local audience. One of the online games that has caught the attention of game lovers was Ragnarok Online.

Video gaming in Indonesia is a growing sector, holding the 16th largest market in the world and about half the Southeast Asian market in 2017. Over 40 million people in the country are active gamers, with mobile gaming being the dominant sector in terms of revenue. The development of video games in the country began with imported consoles and arcade centres, prior to developments of online gameplay in PC games and increasing prevalence of the internet cafés. Mobile games began gaining importance as smartphones were introduced.

They also have an appetite for global games, such as Roblox, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga. The most popular game genre is action, followed by causal, arcade, and simulation. If you want to increase your market share in Indonesia, you must translate your Android or iOS game for the local audience.

Hosted on the InfoSci® platform, these titles feature no DRM, no additional cost for multi-user licensing, no embargo of content, full-text PDF & HTML format, and more. Additionally, the government supports eSports competitions and events to keep raising the general public’s awareness of eSports, which share ideals and principles with more traditional forms of sports.According to the Indonesian government, the video gaming business is one of the most potential fields for luring foreign investment. In rural areas, smartphone usage has also increased, rising from 47.3% in 2015 to almost 55% in 2019. There were 202.6 million internet users in Indonesia as of January 2021 – 27 million more than in 2020 (+16%).

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