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Ted Turner is the Second Largest Landowner

Purchasing Land property can be lucrative for investors. Land can be used for agricultural purposes, timber production, and even mining. In 2009, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the value of land in the Lower 48 states totaled $23 trillion. Only $1.8 trillion of that value was owned by the federal government. As of 2017, the largest private landowner is telecom baron John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres, equivalent to the size of the state of Delaware. Ted Turner is the second-largest landowner, with a holding of nearly 64,000 acres in the Texas Panhandle.

Another consideration for purchasing a land lease property is the price. Land lease properties typically come in an entire neighborhood of similar properties. In addition, HOA fees may be required to maintain community pools and other amenities. If this is the case, consider the remaining lease term before purchasing a land lease property. It may be worth it to pay a small amount of money upfront for the privilege of living on the property. But be prepared to make higher payments for several years.

Purchasing raw land has its advantages. The costs are low, which means that you will have lower property taxes and insurance. There are also minimal maintenance costs. You’ll also avoid a large amount of hassle by not having to maintain the property. Additionally, undeveloped land owners often have little emotional connection to the property. This gives you enormous upside potential. Once you’ve made your decision, you can begin the process of purchasing a raw piece of land and enjoy the benefits that come with it by clicking

While these arguments are valid for a broad category of property, they may not be relevant to all types. Some types of property, such as ideas and concepts, are not subject to the tragedy of the commons, and they are generally considered public property. Consequently, there are numerous ways to protect land and its surroundings. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea protects the seafloor and oceans and aims to prevent pollution in those areas.

In addition to identifying off-market properties, Reonomy provides data on land parcels across the United States. Its unique data allows users to find out which properties have been purchased or sold recently. Owner contact information is available for each property. The platform has an active community of commercial real estate professionals. You can use the data from the database to find a buyer for your land. It’s a smart way to make your search for a land parcel easy.

In section VIII of capital, Marx criticizes the liberal theories of property rights. While he recognizes that land was historically a property, he notes that “Primitive Accumulation” is a crucial part of English Capitalism, creating a large un-landed class. This view makes liberal theories of property ‘idyllic fairy tales’. So, why is a land so controversial? Let’s look at some of the key arguments and answer these questions!

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