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Using Specialty Bars and Weight Lifts For Your Home Gym

Barbell weight sets are an increasingly popular method of exercising. They give you a complete full body workout without the disadvantages of free weights and can be used with a variety of exercise equipment to target specific muscles or to build muscle. There are two basic types of barbell weight sets; dumbbells and barbells. In a barbell set, the barbell is held at either side of the user and is being lifted by both hands. The plates slide up and down the bar and a variety of weight configurations are possible.

Dumbbell weight sets are very versatile as you can use Dumbbells, barbell weight and even training bars to weight your chest, back, hips, and legs. Weighted sets are commonly used for cardio workouts. With Dumbbells you can perform five of the following exercises: Flyes, Chest presses, Flyes again, Dips, Squats, and Leg presses.

A standard barbell weight bench will usually consist of three to four adjustable weights, a bench collar, and either a locking plate or a dip plate. You can add an extra bench press rack to the side by raising the bench to meet the weight rack overhead, or you may decide to have the rack lower to the ground. The locking plates keep the barbell straight while it is being used. The dip plate allows you to pre-dip to a lower weight than you would normally use, while a locking plate lowers the weight so that it is easier to handle. These are the basic design elements, but if you want to start adding other weights and accessories to them, you can.

You can get a standard barbell bench to hold anywhere from twenty to forty pounds, depending on the design and the weight capacity. The forty pound limit is typically the maximum that can be used by a private, home gym. Larger models may have a trap to catch the barbell when it is being lowered; this helps you to keep the barbell close to your body at all times. Some models even have a pulley system so that you can pull the dumbbells through a series of rings that are located inside the bench.

There are some dumbbells with interchangeable weight plates that allow you to do more than just bench press. For example, the medicine ball is very popular in many gyms, as it enables people to do many different core strength exercises without ever taking their hands off of the standard bars. The medicine ball can do squat thrusts, lat pull downs, and shoulder presses as well as bench presses. Another form of exercise that can be performed with the standard bars and medicine balls is grip strength training, where you grip the standard bars and make controlled motions toward the target. This increases the intensity of the workout and can also strengthen grip muscles that will be useful in many forms of martial arts.

Another great way to use specialized bars and dumbbells for workouts is to perform deadlifts. Deadlifts are often used for building strength and are great for people who are looking for ways to get stronger while losing weight at the same time. Most standard bars and dumbbells will not be able to handle heavy deadlifts and will require extra weight or a special type of bar to support the weight of the deadlift. Using specialty bars and weights like the vertical bar and decline bar can give you a very intense workout while increasing your strength.

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