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To check word count, simply place your cursor into the text box above and start typing. You’ll see the number of characters and words increase or decrease as. For a fast check, you can find the word count on the status bar at the bottom left corner of your window. On the bottom left corner, you’ll. Click on Word Count. Select Word Count from the Tools menu dropdown. A box displaying the number of words, characters, lines, pages and paragraphs will appear.


Where is the Word Count in Microsoft Word , , , , and


As you type in the document, the tool automatically updates the word count. This feature proves to be extremely useful when you need to control so that your content does not exceed a specific number of words.

However, there are times when the status bar does not display the word count, the information is delayed too long or does not update. When this happens, you should do some quick checks to get the Word Count feature on the status bar working again. You should first make sure that the Word Count option is enabled in the status bar customizations. It may have been disabled accidentally during customization, so this needs to be ruled out.

Open a Microsoft Word document whose word count does not appear in the status bar. Right click on the status bar and find the checkmark next to Word Count. The check mark before Word Count indicates it is active. When this feature is disabled, enabling it is very simple, just click on the Word Count option and you are done. Verifying that Word Count is enabled in the customizations will return the word count option to the status bar.

If it’s already enabled and it’s still not showing up in the status bar, the problem may be more serious and needs further investigation. The general solution to troubleshooting something that isn’t working can also be applied here.

This is typically left unchecked. The number of lines in the Word Count dialog box represents the number of lines with characters, not the number of sentences. The number of lines in a document will be affected by formatting such as font size and indents.

When you select text, word count for the selected text should appear in the Status Bar on the bottom left of your screen automatically:. Although word count typically displays by default in the Status Bar, you can choose options to display.

If you right-click in the Status Bar, a pop-up menu appears. If Word Count has been deselected in this menu, it will not appear in the Status Bar. Word, character, line, paragraph and page count can also be viewed in document statistics or Properties. When you click File and then Info, statistics appear on the right side of the dialog below Properties:.

The statistics that appear in this area and in the Advanced Properties are for the entire document, not the selected text. Did you find this article helpful? If you would like to receive new articles, JOIN our email list.

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Vword count in the Status Bar When you select text, word count for the selected text should appear in the Status Bar on the bottom left of your screen automatically: If no text is selected, the count shows the total for the entire document.

If you double-click the word count in the Status Bar, the Word Count dialog box appears. The following picture shows its position. Just click it and you can also see the Statistic pop-up window. The software Classic Menu for Office is designed for the people who are accustomed to the old interface of Microsoft Office , XP and It brings back the classic menus and toolbars to Microsoft Office includes Word , , , , and Brings Tabbed User Interface to Office.


Microsoft word word count 2019 free.Word count discrepancy within Word 2019

Word counts the number of words in a document while you type. Word also counts pages, paragraphs, lines, and characters. Windows macOSWeb. Use fields to insert word count in your document · Select in your document where you want the word count to appear. · Go to Insert > Quick Parts > Field. Insert.

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