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Best Games for Your Smart Phone

Yes, that’s really possible! Online fun games are the retort to sadness and boredom during social distance. They are the perfect cure for those who are always worried about their loneliness; they are great tools for relieving stress and depression. Want to know more about the exciting world of online games?

Borderlands 3 is one of the hottest and most talked-about games online right now. Your task is to save your cute dog, named Rusty, from a group of vicious creatures, including a dragon and a robot. The game mainly involves roaming around the different zones and completing various quests to gain levels, which unlock more content such as power ups and special abilities. So, if you’re looking for an excellent way to make your friends happy, play along with Rusty in the amazingly cool games online.

In this fun poker game, you are to save Rusty from a group of evil dungeon dwellers. The game mainly involves a boy called Rusty, and his pet dog, Flip, who are in the service of a secret agent. The agent has taken up residence in a tower, overlooking the plain streets. The townsfolk are hostile towards Rusty and his pet, so your task is to save them. Your dog also has its own agenda; guard the gate at all times so that no guards can come inside. If you fail, Flip will attack the enemy agents, causing them to lose control over their city.

This is a first person shooter with an amazing background and fantasy elements. Friends can either play with you or against each other, using split screen options to get the full co-op experience. This is a highly addictive game, where you either shoot enemies or run from them to reach the goal. The different modes available to let your buddies to choose the mode they prefer; versus shooting, versus running or versus all opponents. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to choose wisely which mode to play with.

Escape from Makatu is a fun free online game where your objective is to escape from a jungle that is infested with vicious snakes. Your goal is to make your way through the jungle and avoid any snakes that are chasing you. You do not have any weapons except for the banana that you can use to break down any barriers that are in your path, such as trees. It is a mind-boggling and exciting free game that allows players to have a lot of fun, while making new friends.

While we know that everyone prefers to play different types of board games, we still can’t deny the importance of iPhone board game to our lives. If you are an iPhone owner, you don’t have to wait till your friends leave to enjoy one of the best games on your device. All you need to do is download iOs app to iPhone and get into the mind-boggling world of a jungle-slaying, treasure-hunting adventure. You’ll be glad you did.

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