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Best Online Free Games of Each Year

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a virtual console, then you have come to the right place. We have given you hundreds upon hundreds of free online games to enjoy today! Other online gaming sites might have only five or 10 free games to entice you into their paid membership, but at online gaming paradise, it is all free. Here are a few of our favorite online games:

The Legend of Zelda starts with Link facing a dilemma. He is seeking to find the legendary Wind Rod so that he can have his partner, Ganon, to marry. However, he learns that the Wind Rod cannot be found in the Sacred Palace, which means that the only way to get it is to enter the dungeons and challenge every enemy there. Link begins to acquire tools and weapons to help him on his quest, and the entire game takes place within the dungeons. Link’s new friends include a fairy known as Navi, as well as the warrior Darunia.

This is a first person shooter that is similar to Rare’s Golden Eye, with several improvements. The player controls Dr. Isaac, who aids Link in battle. In addition to the usual shooting features, this game includes puzzle elements, items that can be bought to enhance your score, and hidden areas to explore. You can play this game for free online. To play other popular free online games, visit our site.

One of the most exciting free Solid188 online games, and probably one of my personal favorites, is the Quest of the Sages. This game is made by the award winning developers Cellcin and published by Nintendo. In this game, you play as Shiva, a Hindu monk who must assist the characters as they journey throughout the world to locate the three missing Gods. You will find that each of the three missing Gods has something different and unique to offer, and that you can use these items to further your journey, and increase your powers.

Finally, in this article we will look at another one of the best online free games, and that is called The Legend of Zelda. This amazing game is truly a fantasy game, in the vein of Final Fantasy or Zelda. Link will traverse nine different worlds, each with its own unique story, and is aided by the infamous Master Ganon who commands him through telepathic communication. Throughout these adventures Link faces off against many of the same characters that appear in other gaming platforms, and is always aided by his new friend, the mysterious princess Zelda.

Hopefully we have provided you with an insight into a few of the best online free games that are available today. We also made sure to point out a few of the best online free games that are made by the top companies in the industry. If you have a PC or gaming console consider checking out some of the top games of the year. You might just find yourself addicted for life!

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