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Caring for the Animals on the Ark

An anomaly in space-time has caused an ARK to become intertwined with a land of magic and monsters! Once a technological utopia, the land was subject to a war against a powerful entity which resulted in it’s destruction. Though weakened, the entity desired to expand its kingdom further. Rifts suddenly began to appear on Arknomaly, injecting them with new creatures and altering its natives.

So I’m even more confident in its trustworthiness, not less so. Also, we should not need remnants of Noah’s Ark to justify or bolster our faith. All these details are vital for placing the formation of Mount Ararat within the biblical chronology. This in turn answers whether Noah’s Ark is on Mount Ararat.

Earlier Ararat eruptions are known from oral history and archaeological excavations. These occurred in AD 1783 and 1450, around 550 BC, and another time even earlier. This fascination is also bringing people in droves from around the globe to the life-sized Ark replica at the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky.

Even better, drinking water could have been piped into troughs, just as the Chinese have used bamboo pipes for this purpose for thousands of years. The use of some sort of self-feeders, as is commonly done for birds, would have been relatively easy and probably essential. Animals that required special care or diets were uncommon and should not have needed an inordinate amount of time from the handlers. Even animals with the most specialized diets in nature could have been switched to readily sustainable substitute diets. Of course, this assumes that animals with specialized diets today were likewise specialized at the time of the Flood. The program described the wood’s radiocarbon age as 5,000 years, but testing by six labs concluded the wood was less than 2,000 years old.

I cannot reconcile this story with modern linguistic and anthropological studies that say Armenians are Aryan. But this is the story I heard at the feet of my Grandfather’s brother-in-law, who had been there. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.

Some unique treasure can only be found in encounters with a extreme threat level. Some destinations will only appear on higher threat levels. Over the years there were many “”Eyewitness accounts”” seeing the ark and many hoaxes.

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