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Executive protection is its own highly specialized field

•Keep a database of “persons of interest” or people with a past history of “reaching out” to executives either in person or via all forms of communication. •Vet background of selected personnel, such as personal assistants and others with special or unlimited access. •Establish manned visitor control posts at access points to executive office areas or security-trained receptionists connected to the security control center. The CEO of the company, who is sitting in a high-rise office building in Houston and who has a much higher rank than the field superintendent, may be under no protection at all .

Using their bulk and brawn to push and clear a path for their client or Principal through crowds of adoring fans and autograph hunters. Often casually dressed like their Principal, these celebrity bodyguards are likely to be over-friendly with their protectee and act in a more prominent, overt role. They are not genuine Executive Protection Agents who are more qualified, more professional, more experienced, and more rounded event security professionals. Executive protection is its own highly specialized field within the private security industry.

A large bank balance attracts attention of the wrong kind, leading to risks such as abduction and physical harm. Executive protection personnel are trained to act proactively in a discreet manner to ensure that your business and personal security needs are always addressed. MPS Security is a leader in the security industry offering security consulting services nationwide. Our objective is to provide clients with an unbiased outside view of complex security issues.

It is sometimes necessary to maintain a security presence for a short period after the termination as precautionary security in the event the employee returns. MPS Security offersuniformed protective services, simply depending on what our clients need. All of our clients have unique needs, lifestyles and security concerns.

Vehicle-based incidents pose some of the biggest risks to clients during executive protection assignments. Reckless drivers, preoccupied pedestrians, and unforeseen occurrences create the potential for situations with serious consequences. Our executive protection team is highly trained to detect and avoid potentially dangerous situations and deliver clients and their families safely to their destinations. Our professional security drivers accompany clients in privately-owned vehicles or one from our fleet. Whether it’s a night on the town or a shopping spree, our team takes the worry of driving out of the equation, while providing the peace of mind that comes with having a bodyguard along for the ride.

These can range from event security and unarmed driving to armed personal security and full-time security services. Securitywoes are increasingly becoming a source of concern due to the higher incidences of a breach. In such a scenario it becomes mandatory to have executive protectionsecuritycoverage for yourself and your premises. Whether you are a celebrity being stalked by an obsessed fan or a corporate big shot concerned about personal safety, we offer executive protection services for any situation. Our executive protection team members are carefully chosen from law enforcement, the military, Secret Service, Israeli Intelligence, and specialists in private security.

The ability to work with a team and integrate quickly and seamlessly with other teams is an essential skill. An Executive Protection Agent—sometimes called an Executive Protection Specialist—is responsible for the planning and execution of keeping their client safe and out of harm’s way. They are responsible for the overall security and protection of their client and often their families, and perform ongoing threat assessment, risk assessment, and vulnerability assessments.

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