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Ice-cold roller that stimulates micro-circulation

The stainless steel stays cold for a long time and is easy to clean after each rolling session. Whether you’re using a skin care tool or a bowl of ice water, the most important thing is to protect your skin.

I never know what the mini-fridge sitch will look like when I’m traveling, so instead of risking a warm ice roller, I stick this double-ended ice roller in my bag instead. It’s stainless-steel, which helps it stay a bit chilled even without the fridge—though, obvs, it’s most effective when fully frozen. Plus, I like that I can use the larger end to roll bigger sections of my face and body and save the smaller end for around my eyes.

Use in the morning to help wake up and tighten skin before makeup application. The ergonomic design allows you to easily hold and roll on the skin to care for your delicate skin without worrying about irritating your skin. ice roller on face is also the main tool for first aid in case of pain and bruises from sports injuries, pain and tension in muscles, arthritis, pain in the legs, back, knee, wrist and bruises. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. This product can be used on the face to help with relaxation and other benefits. The Ice Roller is of good quality, head band is also soft and comforable.

Ice-cold roller that stimulates micro-circulation of skin cells. To ensure your roller isn’t harboring any bacteria, be sure to give it a quick wipe down with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol or with mild soap and water after each use. Before popping it back in the freezer or fridge to chill, place it in a separate bag or container to keep it free from contamination.

From tightened skin and reduced swelling to smoothed lines and a healthy-looking glow, there’s not much this multitasker doesn’t do. Developed by aesthetician Kerry Benjamin, a lifelong eczema patient, this cryo roller was designed to soothe sensitive skin, reduce itch, and fight inflammation. But it doesn’t stop there—you’ll also notice a visibly tighter complexion and a smoother under-eye area.

Similarly, because face rolling does have these skin-enhancing effects, it can be a nice extra prep step before any kind of big event. Sorry, but ice-rolling on its own can’t magically “tone” your face. But if you want to reduce some puffiness and get temporary chiseled cheekbones, try this ice roller with stainless-steel globes that automatically cools and heats. The globes, along with vibrations from the tool that can be toggled on and off, help massage your skin to “sculpt” the face, while the chilliness helps de-puff. Sick of your ice rollers squeaking and breaking after a few uses?

This roller can reach large areas of the face and does a great job at reducing buildup fluid and toning the skin.”” It’s a relatively simple concept—just like we reach for ice packs or frozen peas to reduce swelling from an injury, we can apply cold things to our skin to depuff and minimize redness. Since ice causes your blood vessels to contract, it might also make your pores appear smaller and temporarily tighten your skin.

Reviewers note it’s the perfect self-care treat after a long day. It’s like going to the spa…from the comfort of your own home. Find affordable medicine substitutes, save up to 50% on health products, up to 80% off on lab tests and free doctor consultations.

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