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Why Is Kopi Luwak Espresso Coffee Beans Expensive?

Kopi Luwak is possibly the most expensive coffee in the world. It costs over $5 per pound. The reason for its high cost is that it is rare method of making that coffee. It is made from the special coffee beans that are digested only by a very rare Indonesian cat like animal known as the civet monkey. When these monkeys are sick, they eat their own feces. They do this so that they will not get sick and die. Visit here for more information about jbm coffee

These coffee beans are so expensive because they must be used to make just one cup. It takes about three months for these monkeys to digest it fully and return it to its original state. After it is returned to its original state, it will taste bitter. Many consumers who try this coffee drink do not like the taste of the bitter taste. That is why the cost of the product is so high.

The cost of the Kopi Luwak coffee is comparable to a bottle of perfume. It does not taste good, but it does smell really good. It is very popular in Indonesia, where the monkeys that make the coffee feed on them at night. When they are not being fed, the beans will not decay as much and will retain their original flavor. When the beans are harvested in Indonesia, the monkeys feed them during the day, and at night, the beans are harvested and eaten by the cats.

Because of the high cost of the beans, it is difficult for ordinary citizens in Indonesia to be able to afford a cup of the very expensive coffee that the monks make. Many of them are unable to pay the high prices that are charged. Many coffee farmers in Indonesia have been forced to become laborers, in order to pay the high cost of the coffee. That is a horrific situation that has happened in many parts of the world due to the poor working conditions and poverty-level in many regions of the world.

Kopi Luwak has made its way to other countries, mainly in South America and the Pacific area. In these countries, the beans are grown in places that are much cooler, allowing the beans to retain much of their original flavor and aroma. They are also harvested at different times of the year, which allows them to maintain their freshness much longer. When the same beans are harvested at the same time of year, their aroma quickly depreciates, and their taste is quickly altered.

The majority of coffee farmers in Indonesia live in extreme poverty. Overcrowded, and overworked lives have driven many of them to despair. They have had no choice but to turn down a profitable business that would bring in much needed foreign currency. In response, many smallholder farmers have begun to grow their own copy leaks, and sell the freshly harvested beans in the markets.

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