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Xbox Live Arcade – Impacting The Gaming Industry

Online games refer to any video game that can be played by a player sitting at his/her home or office and does not require him to go to an arcade, nightclub or to a game club for playing. Mostly, these video games do not require any special skills, experience or age. Online games are mostly text-based and are designed in such a way that the players have to use some form of skill, logic and decision making process when they play these games. For example, in an online game like chess, one does not need to be a genius but he/she needs to use his/her brains and intelligence to outwit the opponent. Visit here situs pkv for more information.

However, the main article about online games is that most of them are free. Yes, you may not be able to win a particular game or even complete it but you can enjoy it and spend your time in a relaxed mood. These free online games range from simple browser games like Solitaire, Tetris, solitaire etc., to very complicated games like Age of Empire and Fall of Rome. Even though many of them are free, most of the other ones require the usage of some sort of server. So, if you want to play any of them, you must definitely use some type of server.

The basic aim of online games is to entertain as well as provide a sense of accomplishment to the players. The first-person shooter games or the RPG is such a type of game. In these games the players are required to view their avatars (the figures in the game) as well as hear, read and view the words on the avatars’ dialog boxes. The player also has to use certain arrow keys to move the camera. If this action is repeated over again, then the player will be allowed to take control of the character of that particular level. However, if the player stops playing then he/she will lose all the levels that were gained till that point.

Apart from this, the other aim of online games is to collect as well as store personal information of the players. For this reason, the various gaming websites to make sure that there is no personal information that may tend to be used against the players. This includes the likes of email address, age, gender, photos etc. The personal information that is available on the game consoles is encrypted and cannot be used by anyone for any reason whatsoever.

The Xbox Live Arcade is an important example of online games. The gaming community is abuzz with opinions about the online games and their future. While some opine that there are several disadvantages of gaming on the internet, there are others who opine that it is the best thing to happen to the gaming world. There are various gaming websites and social networking sites that allow players to compete with each other and are greatly engaging. This competitive nature of online games is what keeps them alive and flourishing even after the launch of the Xbox Live Arcade to allow the players to connect and play with each other regardless of the location.

Most of the players claim that Xbox Live Arcade has impacted the video games industry the most. However, there are those who are not convinced about this claim due to the fact that there are a number of disadvantages that were visible even before the launch of the platform. These include the prevalence of cheats and hacks for online games. But, this has been pointed out and has been corrected by the gaming company which has taken measures to curb this menace. Xbox Live Arcade has also allowed the players to interact with each other regardless of the location and thus is said to have enhanced the experience.

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